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PU 900+


AT-PU 900+ is a polyurethane resin used as a primary or secondary injection material into concrete structures. AT-PU 900+ is a two component resin that reacts and cures to a resilient yet flexible urethane mass. Due to its high elasticity and excellent bond characteristics even in wet conditions AT-PU 900+ is an ideal choice for injecting into concrete elements having moist or wet cracks, expansion joints susceptible movements. AT-PU 900+ thus mitigates leakages and also accommodates movements and vibrations the element may be subjected to.


  • AT-PU 900+ is used in concrete elements such as podium driveways, plants with equipments, tunnel segments, industrial structures etc. SW-PU900+ is injected using high pressure twin line injection equipment from the “negative side”.


  • Flexible urethane mass
  • Highly elastic
  • Excellent bonding


  • Identify the area to be injected. Install injection packers of suitable diameter and length. Ensure injection packers are tightly installed to avoid packer failure during injection process. If required, seal packers using quick setting cement based putty. Fill the two components in SD-2L twin line injection pump and commence injection. Injection pressures shall be governed by the type of element, effective water head, material viscosity, packer spacing and other factors. For injection below raft slab, grade slab, inject in intermittent batches and observe effect. Avoid large volume injections in short period.


MATERIAL DESCRIPTION COMPONENT A (RESIN) & COMPONENT B (HARDNER) – Two component, solvent free hydrophobic polyurethane injection resin.
APPEARANCE COMPONENT A – Light brown liquid COMPONENT B – Light Ivory Liquid
MIXED VISCOCITY ~ 200.0 ± 30.0 mPa.s (@ 23ºC)
DENSITY COMPONENT A ~ 1.01 g/cm³ COMPONENT B ~ 1.15 g/cm³
MIXING RATIO COMPONENT A ~ 100 parts by volume COMPONENT B ~ 100 parts by volume
SHEAR ADHESION STRENGTH ~ 7.0 mPa.s (metal to metal)
ELONGATION up to 200%
REACTION TIME 60 ~ 300 seconds (depending on temperature)
APPLICATION TEMPREATURE › 5ºC (substrate temperature during injection)
APPLICATION EQUIPEMENT Two component positive displacement resin injection pump capable of developing required injection pressures. Non-return injection packers. Pour into (Horizontal) expansion joints.


  • AT-PU 900 + is available in the following pack:
    • Component A 19 kg & Component B 21 kg
  • Shelf life is 6 months in sealed containers as provided
  • Keep containers sealed and away from heat and cold in a well ventilated area (5ºC to 30ºC)


  • Protect hands with rubber gloves and eyes with goggles.
  • Accidental splashes to the skin or eyes must be rinsed immediately with clean water.
  • Store in well-labeled containers.