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The operations and successes of ADO ADDITIVES MFG PVT. LTD. are taken care of by its competent Management Team and Board of Directors. At the helm of affairs are the Company’s Directors, whose profiles offer a brief introduction and help get acquainted with them.


Sanjib ParialMr Sanjib Parial
Mr. Sanjib Parial is the Managing Director of ADO ADDITIVES MFG PVT. LTD.; who is having few decades of experience in construction chemical sector. We have been growing in leaps and bounds under his able leadership and guidance. Mr Sanjib Parial is widely recognised for his role in construction chemical sector in India and also for his contributions to various forums in India and globally. He is a born innovator and believer in core values. Mr Sanjib Parial is known for challenging the conventional system and identifying opportunities quickly.

Mr. Parial is a Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Narendrapur pass-out; followed by his degree in Physics from University of Calcutta.


Other Directors on the Board:

  • Mr. Sanjay Arora
  • Mr. Sandeep Guha


Mr Sanjib Parial is ably supported by:

  • Technical Advisory Team
    • Mr Biswajit Som (Structural Consultant, Visiting Faculty Jadavpur University, Kolkata)
    • Dr Gokul Chandra Mondal (Associate Professor, Former HOD – Department of Construction Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata)
    • Dr Raja Shunmugam (Associate Professor – Chemical Sciences, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata)
  • Management Team
    • An experienced and passionate team of industry leaders creating exponential value – for the company, for the nation and for the people.


The Company’s vision is to lead by transforming construction. We are passionate and committed towards a better future through our innovative product solution and viable systems, with special care towards environment and society.


We aim to be the best by delivering innovative industry-focused products and solutions with measurable business outcomes. We will partner with customers for their success. We consistently add value to construction and are committed to all our stakeholders.


Going beyond the expectation of our valued Clients. Creating a successful milieu of innovation and latest technology and ensuring nothing but excellence. Our approach is ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’, thus helping in making construction strong, healthy and durable