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NC Mix


AT-NC MIX is a non-chloride, hardening or strength enhancing, set time accelerating admixture for use in various concrete applications. This innovative admixture has been specially developed to enhance the early strength and setting characteristics of fresh concrete.
STANDARDS: AT-NC MIX complies with ASTM C-494 Type C.


  • Ready to use liquid accelerator
  • Reduce setting time in general and specially under cold weather
  • Leading to early high and ultimate increased strength
  • It reduce bleed and segregation while improves workability
  • Does not contain any added chloride ions ensuring that the product does not contribute to the corrosion of reinforcing steel
  • Reduction of chloride attack
  • Reduced segregation
  • Faster setting times – accelerated construction
  • During cold climate high early strength – early de-shuttering, early stiffening – quicker finishing operations facilitates concreting even below 5°C


  • Precast / prestressed concrete production
  • Concrete pavement repairs
  • Repairs of the industrial floors
  • Repairs of concrete slabs and flat members
  • Cold weather concreting
  • Early de-stripping in cold weather


  • DRY CAST AND SEMI DRY CAST APPLICATIONS: In order to accelerate set time and strength gain a dosage rate of 385 – 1540gm/100kg of cementitious materials is recommended.
  • WET CAST APPLICATIONS: To accelerate set time and strength gain a dosage rate 650 – 2940gm/100kg of cementitious materials is recommended. A trial batch is recommended to fine-tune the dosage and test for appropriate Hardening Characteristics. AT-NC MIX may be used in combination with all other products of ADO.


  • AT-NC MIX is a ready-to-use liquid which is dispensed into the concrete together with the mixing water. The dispersing of admixture shall be more uniform if the admixture is added to the damp concrete after 50 to 70% of the mixing water has been added. The addition of AT-NC MIX to dry aggregate or cement is not recommended.


  • AT-NC MIX, is compatible with most admixtures used in the production of quality concrete including normal, other mid-range and high-range water-reducing admixtures, air entertainers, accelerators, retarders, extended set control admixtures, corrosion inhibitors, and shrinkage reducers. AT-NC MIX is also compatible with slag and Pozzolans such as fly ash and silica fume.


The effect of AT-NC MIX is dependent upon the cement properties and the type of plasticizers used in the concrete mix. The setting time and early strength gain may be affected if strong retarders are used in the mix. RATE OF HARDENING: The temperature of the concrete mix and the ambient temperature (forms, earth, reinforcement, air, etc.) affect the hardening rate of concrete. At higher temperatures, concrete hardens more rapidly which may cause problems with placing and finishing. One of the functions of AT-NC MIX admixture is to accelerate the set of concrete. Within the normal dosage range, it will generally reduce the setting times of concrete containing normal Portland cement approximately by 1 hour to 3 hours compared to a plain concrete mix, depending on materials at site and temperatures. Trial mixes should be made with site materials & approximating the job site conditions to determine the dosage required. It is strongly recommended that concrete should be properly cured particularly in windy and dry climates. The use of Curing Compound, evaporation reducer to prevent quick moisture loss from the surface of the flat works such as pavements in the dry and windy climates is highly recommended.


TYPE Viscous Free flow Liquid
COLOUR Hazy Translucent
SPECIFIC GRAVITY Approximately 1.25-1.27 kg/ltr
pH VALUE Around 11


  • AT-NC MIX is available in 250 kg HDPE container
  • Shelf life is 24 months in original & sealed packing
  • Storage condition should be free from frost and protect from direct sunlight
  • Keep packing in cool, dry place away from heat, cold and moisture
  • Stir material well before use


  • Protect hands with rubber gloves and eyes with goggles.
  • Accidental splashes to the skin or eyes must be rinsed immediately with clean water.
  • Store in well-labeled containers.