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AT-FIX (R) resin cartridges, contains high quality polyester resin and its catalyst in precisely measured quantities. These two components are kept separately inside the cartridge by means of an inner tube containing the catalyst. The outer Nylon skin contains the resin and the inner tube filled with catalyst actually floats in the encapsulated resin. The sausage shaped cartridges are designed to be inserted into the drill holes for the purpose of rock stitching/ anchoring during the process of mining or tunneling. The rotating bolt during insertion into the hole punctures the outer skin of the cartridge and breaks the inner tube filled with catalyst and hence ensuring a homogenous mixing of the catalyst and resin. The mix so produced fills the annular space between the bolt and the bore hole which in turn holds the bolt firmly and permanently in space. AT-FIX (R) cartridges are available in different dimensions suiting the exact requirement of the end users.


  • AT-FIX (R) resin cartridges are developed for stabilization of strata in tunnels and mining applications.
  • The basic purpose of strata reinforcement by AT-FIX (R) resin cartridges is to prevent convergence of the freshly exposed rocks especially overhead strata after each blast.
  • AT-FIX (R) resin cartridges may be used for the purpose of both point anchorage and full column grouting.


  • Controlled setting time
  • Permanent anchorage – unaffected by vibration/ corrosive environment
  • Distributed anchorage – eliminates development of localized high stress in the bolted rock
  • Pre stressed anchorage – by means of combination of fast and slow set cartridges
  • Laboratory tested pre packed material to eliminate complications at site such as prolonged setting time, reduced load bearing ability, etc which are often encountered in cement slurry grouting
  • High chemical and corrosion resistance – the cured polyester resin is resistant to fresh and salt
  • water, oils, grease, petrol, salts, acids, alkalis and solvents


  • Using the correct bit diameter, the holes should be drilled to the recommended depth by means of a rotary percussive machine
  • Before insertion of AT-FIX (R) cartridges, the bore holes should be cleaned up with compressed air for removal of any foreign/loose particles, rock dust or water inside the bore hole to ensure sound anchorage of the strata
  • Pre determined number of AT-FIX (R) cartridges of correct diameter and sizes should be inserted into the cleaned bore hole with the help of a loader stick
  • The projected end of the bolt should be fixed with pneumatic jack hammer/rotary drill with the help of couplings/adaptor or a pair of nuts
  • Immediately after installation of the bolt, spinning should be done for 30-45 seconds (75 spins in 30 seconds @ 150 r.p.m recommended) to ensure homogenous mixing of the resin and the catalyst inside the bore hole
  • The pull out test may be carried out as early as 30 minutes of the insertion of the bolt


For crown portions, use of a loader stick may not help much because the cartridge may fall down as soon as the loader stick is removed. In this situation, a plastic parachute (available with AT-FIX (R) cartridges) should be fixed with the loaded cartridge, which grips the cartridge inside the bore hole and prevents it from falling down. Ensure that the parachute is being fixed at the upper end of the cartridge and goes into the bore hole in the same manner. After attaching the parachute, the cartridge may be pushed in by the re-bar itself. The re-bar should be inserted into the bore hole gently and full length always to eliminate the possibility of puncture of the cartridges. It should never be pushed with a boomer otherwise buckling of the bolt may result. Spinning in the opposite direction for removal of adaptor should be avoided during the pull-out test; the steel plate should be positioned properly, firmly and completely on the rock surface to avoid misleading results.


COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH >700 kg/sq.cm (24 hrs)
SETTING TIME 2-5 minutes at 300 C


  • AT-FIX (R) is available in the following pack:
    • 25 nos. in cardboard box / 50 nos. in cardboard box
  • Shelf life is 3 months in sealed containers as provided if stored under shade in ambient temperatures.
  • Keep boxes sealed and away from heat and cold in a well ventilated area.


  • Protect hands with rubber gloves and eyes with goggles.
  • Accidental splashes to the skin or eyes must be rinsed immediately with clean water.
  • Store in well-labeled containers.