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AT-FASTSET is a ready-to-use, liquid set accelerating compound with waterproofing effects. When mixed with Cement it sets rapidly and helps in quick de-moulding of concrete / mortar.
STANDARD: AT-FASTSET conforms to ASTM C 494, Type C


  • AT-FASTSET is used as fast setting accelerator for cementitious materials.
  • AT-FASTSET is also used for preliminary waterproofing work on wet surfaces. It can also be used for fixing bolts and anchors in rock or concrete.
  • AT-FASTSET is Chloride free.
  • AT-FASTSET is part of a range of internationally used normal and quick setting waterproof admixtures.


    • AT-FASTSET is used for controlling of setting time during formwork like curve stone making etc.
    • As Quick Setting compound for Cement to instant stop of infiltration.

DOSAGE: 0.2% to 2% depending on the setting time requirement at site. [NB – Use only with fresh Cement.]


  • Care must be taken to ensure that cement to be mixed with AT-FASTSET is stored at a temperature above 0ºC.
  • Mixing water should be clean, free from any components harmful to cement and above 5ºC.
  • All loose particles should be removed and any sharp protrusions leveled off.
  • The AT-FASTSET mixture is first poured into the container. Cement is then sprinkled quickly until the liquid is covered. Mix quickly and thoroughly into a paste, approximately 1 part liquid to 3 parts cement for setting within 15-20 minutes. Use immediately after mixing. Mortar that has been left to set cannot be re-used and should be discarded.
  • NOTE: Mix the cement paste in a clean container


TYPE Viscous Alkaline Liquid
COLOUR Greenish
SPECIFIC GRAVITY Approximately 1.22 kg/ltr





  • AT-FASTSET is available in the following pack:
    • 250 kg / 25 kg PACK
  • Shelf life is 12 months in sealed containers as provided
  • Protect AT-FASTSET from direct sunlight
  • Keep containers sealed and away from heat and cold in a well ventilated area.
  • Stir material well before use.


  • Protect hands with rubber gloves and eyes with goggles.
  • Accidental splashes to the skin or eyes must be rinsed immediately with clean water.
  • Store in well-labeled containers.