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AT-CURE (WR) 300 is ready to use water based, solvent free, non VOC liquid concrete curing compound.


  • After spraying AT-CURE (WR) 300 it creates secondary hydration within the concrete which densify the substrate to retain the mix water. As a result, the relative humidity remains almost unchanged and provides optimum hydration for strength and durability. It is particularly useful in large areas of exposed concrete such as:
    • Airport Runways
    • Highways, Taxiways
    • Roof decks, Retaining walls
    • Bridge works


  • Provides a more durable concrete and ensures achievement of maximum strength
  • Reduces surface cracking and shrinkage
  • Provides a dust free surface
  • Once sprayed as per the specification, ensures perfect curing of concrete
  • Control of moisture loss improves the surface quality of concrete
  • Performs better than all conventional methods as plastic sheeting, blankets, steam curing etc.
  • Does not affect patching, coatings, paints, lane markers or joint sealants.


  • 8-12 sq meters per kg depending on the texture of surface, wind velocity, humidity and temperature


    • AT-CURE (WR) 300 requires no mixing, diluting or agitation. Application should begin as soon as the concrete is free from surface water and can support foot movement without leaving marks. Two thin even layer of AT-CURE (WR) 300 has to be applied to the whole surface using a hand operated low pressure spray gun. Immediately after the first coat is dry apply second coat. For larger areas application can be done by power driven automatic equipment. The concrete surface should not be disturbed until it has achieved sufficient strength. In the case of hardened concrete i.e. after de-molding of form work, the surface of concrete should be sprayed with water to saturate it prior to the application of AT-CURE (WR) 300.
    • Clean all tools and equipments immediately after use with fresh water.


FORM Water based liquid
COLOUR Milky liquid
DRYING TIME Approx 2 hrs @ 25ºC
SPECIFIC GRAVITY 1.10 + .01 @ 30ºC
TOXICITY Non-toxic, non VOC, contains no solvents


  • AT-CURE (WR) 300 is available in the following pack:
    • 50 kg, 100 kg & 200 kg HDPE container
  • Shelf life is 12 months in sealed containers as provided
  • Keep containers sealed and away from heat and cold in a well-ventilated area
  • Stir material well before use


  • Protect hands with rubber gloves and eyes with goggles.
  • Accidental splashes to the skin or eyes must be rinsed immediately with clean water.
  • Store in well-labeled containers.
  • If required get medical attention.